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Flat-Rate Daily Pricing*
Our flat-rate daily pricing makes it easy for you.  No coupons to guard or student quotas to track.  All classes include manuals, computers and expenese to train a maximum of ten students per day.  You would provide the training site.  We can rent a training site at a hotel or conference center near your office for a nominal charge.

Southeastern Michigan   All Other Locaitons  
One Day $1200 Five Consecutive Days $6000
Three Days $1100/day    
One Week or More $1000/day    

Per Student Pricing* – Southeastern Michigan Only
If you already have a training facility at your site we can help you create a six month or yearly training schedule for your staff.  The price per student per day would be $80.  A minimum commitment of 200 students per year is required for this training option.

One-on-One Training – Southeastern Michigan Only 
There will be times when you do not have a group to train.  In this instance, we offer personal training at your site.  For one or two students the price is $90 per hour.  The price for three students is $100 per hour.  Any more than three students constitutes a class, and daily or per student rates will apply.

*Visual Basic, Adobe Acrobat, Lotus Notes and Crystal Reports have an extra charge for specialized manuals.  Please contact us for more information.


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